Coast Guard Headquarters/St. Elizabeths Campus

Comprised of an 11-story office building, utility plant, and two sevenstory parking garages, the new 1.2 million square-foot U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters campus required an immense excavation and massive support of excavation, deep foundation, and global stability systems. The scope of work for this project required removal of 2.4 million cubic yards of soil within a 1-year schedule for our work. This project is one of the largest excavations ever completed in Washington, D.C. Further complicating this task, large amounts of soil were contaminated or classified as hazardous materials requiring special considerations. Nine different soil types were transported to more than 12 different disposal facilities, four of which were over 100 miles from the site. Further complicating the job is the 120-foot change in elevation and unstable soil conditions revealed in early geotechnical reports. Sixty percent of the support of excavation scope was located below one million cubic yards of excavated earth, requiring close coordination with the sheeting and shoring operations. Our teams worked in two shifts and, at the height of the project, moved over 12,000 cubic yards of soil daily to ensure timely project delivery

Washington, DC
Project Owner

General Services Administration / St. Elizabeths Campus


Final Completion
December 31, 2011


Total Cost:$61,368,671

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