Florida Irma

Hurricane Irma hit ground in Florida a week after Hurricane Harvey struck Houston. With disaster recovery resources focused in Texas creating a manpower shortage in other parts of the country, Total Civil Construction reached out to provide logistical support.
Within 2 days, permits and contracts were cleared and we deployed a crew that included a project manager, truck driver, equipment operators, labor crews, and a stable of skid steers. Our task was first-on-the-ground to cut and clear neighborhoods and communities so that restoration and repair efforts could proceed.
To be ready for mobilization when needed, the Total Civil Construction crew left Maryland before Irma made landfall in the continental US. The biggest challenge from this storm was trajectory. Despite all of the advanced mapping, Irma took an unexpected path. Total Civil Construction was on-site when needed and worked with local officials to report where needed.. Once cleared to begin work, the Total Civil Construction team worked long days for eight straight clearing neighborhoods and communities across three counties. Our work cleared neighborhoods for restoration and repair crews, minimizing disruption to routine activities for residents.
This is not our most profitable job. This is not our largest job. It is a job that reflects who we are. The right team, the right tools, and ready at the right time to tackle whatever challenges arise.

Broward, St. Lucie, & Palm Beach counties, Florida
Project Owner

RFP Emergency Services / SRWS


Final Completion
September 2017


Total Cost:$247,175

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